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Posted on 7 December 2016

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Business background: 

The Barber family have been producing award-winning Cheddar on their farm in the heart of the West Country since 1833, longer than anyone else in the world. So they know a thing or two about combining the finest West Country milk with traditional manufacturing methods. Barbers use pint starter cultures, once used in all farmhouse cheese making. It is this dedication to authenticity that gives their cheese its characteristic complexity and depth of flavour.


Nearly two centuries ago Daniel Barber began making cheese on his Somerset farm. Although they’ve made a few changes along the way, Barbers are still committed to making the finest quality farmhouse Cheddar. The dairy cows at Barbers graze the lush pastures of Somerset and Dorset to produce rich, creamy milk that is transformed into a Cheddar that has been given the prestigious Protected Designation of Origin status. Barbers are proud to support the local farming community by working with neighbouring farms that supply them with additional milk.

Why we like them: 

Simply, they are just great. They are the sole guardians of the country’s last remaining traditional cheese starter cultures – the ‘friendly’ bacteria that starts the cheese making process and contribute to the final texture, aroma and taste. Only by using these cultures can they be sure they're making true West Country cheddar.

Little known facts:

Barbers age some of their cheese in nearby caves, at the famous Wookey Hole. We got to see this first hand and bizarrely also got to meet a certain Mr Noel Edmonds, who was filming a Deal or No Deal Halloween special there. Some of us got closer than others!


Tony Mayer, Head of Supply Chain

Richard Pike, Technical and Sustainability Director

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