Our Suppliers

We couldn't have got to where we are today without our most important suppliers. And we won't get to where we want to go without our most important suppliers. Below is a list of those very same suppliers. They're great businesses and lovely people and we can recommend them highly. If you've got any questions about any of them, don't hesitate to get in touch at edwardanddale@cookfood.net.

Towers Thompson - www.towers-thompson.co.uk

T.Soanes & Son - www.soanespoultry.co.uk

Randall Parker Foods Ltd - www.randallparker.com

Direct Seafoods - www.directseafoods.co.uk

AJ & RG Barber Ltd - www.barbers.co.uk

Faerch Plast - www.faerchplast.com

Alexir Packaging ltd - www.alexir.co.uk

Bidfood - www.bidfood.co.uk

Major International Ltd - www.majorint.com

Curd and Cure - http://www.curdandcure.co.uk

Bonta Italia Ltd - www.bontaitalia.co.uk

JCS Fish Ltd - www.jcsfish.co.uk

Aldens Catering Butchers - www.aldenoxford.co.uk

Good Food Wines Ltd - www.goodfoodwines.co.uk

Speldhurst Quality Foods Ltd - www.speldhurstqualityfoods.com

Silver Hill Farm - www.silverhillfarm.ie 

Dingley Dell Pork - www.dingleydell.com

A J Barbers - www.barbers.co.uk

Kelly Turkey Farms Ltd - www.kellybronze.co.uk

Ocean Fish - www.ocean-fish.co.uk

Alec Jarrett - www.alec-jarrett.co.uk

Harvey & Brockless - www.harveyandbrockless.co.uk

J Sykes & Sons Ltd - www.sykesseafood.com

Kent Dairy - www.kentdairycompany.co.uk

Watts Farms - www.wattsfarms.co.uk


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A J Barbers

The Barber family have been producing award-winning Cheddar on their farm in the heart of the West Country since 1833, longer than anyone else in the world. So they know a thing or two about combining the finest West Country milk with traditional manufacturing methods.

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Dingley Dell Pork

Their aim was to produce superb tasting, welfare-friendly pork that could always be traced back to its source. Today, as well as being a member of the RSPCA’s Freedom Food scheme for over 15 years, it is also one of that scheme’s few ‘Ambassador Farms’.

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Pastificio Pallante

Pastificio Pallante supply us with authentic Italian pasta. They're an established business, but still family owned and remains independent. They use a traditional recipe to make our amazing pasta and have an online system that we can log on to and track our pasta as its being made.

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Silver Hill Farm

Silver Hill Farm supply all our duck. They have their own unique breed of duck, which it guards closely. This breed gives a crispy skin (essential for top Chinese restaurants across Europe) as well as succulent meat. 

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Good Pig Award

We’re fans of pigs at COOK. So much so, we named one of our core values after them: Churchill’s Pig. A.K.A. looking people in the eye, showing respect for each others views and being honest.

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