One Feeds Two

Every time you buy a meal from our Kids range, we’ll provide a free school meal for a child in one of the world’s poorest countries through our partnership with One Feeds Two. This encourages school attendance and helps raise communities out of poverty through education.

With your help we’ve already provided over 3 million school meals through One Feeds Two, and we’re looking ahead to the next million.


The Story Of One Feeds Two:

J.P. Campbell gave up a well-paid job as a corporate lawyer to sell soup from a van in Edinburgh.The twist? For every soup he sold, he would provide a school meal to a child in one of the world’s poorest communities.When he realised how much soup he’d need to sell to make a meaningful difference, he turned One Feeds Two into a movement for other food brands to join. So far (summer 2021), it’s provided over 13 million school meals.


Why One Feeds Two Is So Important

For children living in a household surviving on less than a £1 a day the biggest barrier to education is the need to eat. Many kids have no choice but to work or scavenge to survive. Providing a free meal in a school is a hook for education and for the children bettering their lives.The meals provided are also locally sourced where possible, supporting local, smallholder farmers.


Just think:

Just imagine the impact if we all ate a One FeedsTwo meal or product every day.

To learn more about One Feeds Two visit their website here.


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