One Feeds Two FAQs:

Where are the schools that are receiving these meals?

We support programme in Malawi run by local volunteers. They are regularly monitored to ensure best practice.

Why Malawi?

Simply because the impact of a school meal in Malawi really is life changing. Over 75% of population live below the international poverty line (i.e. an income of less than 1.25 US$ a day) and the UN estimate up to 50-60% of this income is spent on food. Providing a free school meal in this environment enables families to send their children to school rather than keeping them at home to work. So these school meals facilitate education and empowerment rather than aid and dependency. Around 200,000 meals will allow over 1000 children to attend school for a year.

What meals does One Feeds Two provide?

The food is sourced locally from country to country to support local economies and is usually nutritious porridge made from maize.

How much does it cost?

The cost of One Feeds Two varies depending on where the school meals are going. In Malawi it costs just 5p per meal, an embarrassingly small amount of money. But very small actions multiplied thousands of times over can have a great impact. Over the 2015 Christmas period, through our partnership with One Feeds Two, COOK customers provided 241,000 school meals to children living in poverty.

Can I donate to One Feeds Two?

Indeed you can. Click here and follow the instructions on the website to donate to the school meal programmes they support.

What is COOK doing in the UK?

Among the charities we support is Caring Hands in the Community, who are based in Rochester, so not too far from our kitchen in Sittingbourne. They do great work providing meals and support for local people living on the fringes of society (read more about them here). We’ve donated several freezers, so whenever we have leftover ingredients, we freeze them and send them over, helping them provide around 1,500 meals a week. We also support Caring Hands through staff volunteering, including cooking a proper Christmas lunch for them on December 25th.

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