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Mother's Day Desserts

You might not be able to wrap it, but serving up an indulgent Mother’s Day dessert is the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to your Mum in 2023. Being a mum is one of the best and busiest jobs ever, so we’ll help you spend more time with your loved one by COOKing your Mother’s Day meals for you this year. Why not take a look at our Mother’s Day dessert delivery, or if you can’t find one that’s right for you, be sure to explore all of our puddings menu.

Cherry Bakewell Pudding image
£4.00 Serves 2 (245g)
Hot Chocolate Pudding image
£4.00 Serves 2 (225g)
Bramley Apple & Blackberry Crumble image
£4.00 Serves 2 (440g)
£7.95 Serves 6 (1070g)
Sticky Toffee Pudding image
£4.00 Serves 2 (290g)
£7.95 Serves 6 (870g)
Classic Lemon Tart image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (590g)
Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (500g)
Lemon Cheesecake image
£18.00 Serves 10-12 (1275g)
Salted Caramel, Chocolate & Honeycomb Cheesecake image
£4.00 Serves 2 (90g)
£18.00 Serves 10-12 (1275g)
Fruit Vacherin image
£20.00 Serves 10-12 (950g)
Espresso Martini Pavlova image
£16.75 Serves 8-10 (700g)
Raspberry Pavlova image
£16.75 Serves 8 to 10 (800g)
Chocolate Roulade image
£16.75 Serves 8-10 (750g)
Chocolate and Raspberry Roulade image
£16.75 (Serves 8-10) (950g)
Gin & Tonic Semifreddo  image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (475g)
Glazed Apple Tart image
£18.00 Serves 10-12 (900g)
Chocolate & Almond Torte image
£8.95 Serves 6-8 (600g)
Lemon Cheesecakes image

Lemon Cheesecakes

2 Individual Puds

£4.00 Serves 2 (180g)
Mango & Passion Fruit Cheesecakes image
£4.00 Serves 2 (180g)

If you’re looking for savoury dishes, we have a whole menu to choose from, with Mother’s Day main courses and even Mother’s Day sides.

Most of our Mother’s Day puddings will need defrosting before serving, although our Gin & Tonic Semifreddo can be served straight from the freezer (with a G&T on the side of course!). You can find everything with our desserts for Mother’s Day, from smaller Mother’s Day puddings to ones like our Raspberry Pavlova which serves up to 10 … so hopefully mum will share at least some!

We can, in most cases, have our easy desserts for Mother’s Day delivered. Some of our cakes and puddings are delicate and don’t travel well; for most UK postcodes, this isn’t an issue. But, even though they are frozen Mother’s Day desserts, if you live in an area of the UK covered by our courier service, you won’t be able to have a Mother’s Day dessert delivery. We’re working on finding a solution – thanks for bearing with us.

They say that 90% of parenting is just thinking about when you can sit down again, so pull up a pew, lovely mums, and let us take care of the dessert for Mother’s Day this year.