Frequently Asked Questions about COOK Subscriptions

If you’re got any queries about how it works, read on…


Where are my Subscription details?

Click on ‘My Account’ (the head-and-shoulders icon on the top right of the COOK homepage) and it’s in the Subscription section. You’ll find past orders here, along with your current status.


Can I alter my Subscription once it’s set up?

Yes, easily. Go to ‘My Account’, and then the Subscription section. Here you can add or delete any meals or puddings (up to 48 hours before the delivery is due); change the week of the delivery, and change how often you get them.


How do I make a change for all future orders?

You'll have the option to make a one off change or a permanent change to your Subscription order.


Why can’t I change the date of my delivery?

You can change the week on ‘My Account’ online, but not which day of the week. To do that, you’ll need to call us on 01732 759020.


Can I set up a Subscription for someone else?

You can indeed. Just make sure the delivery name and address is correct for the first order, then repeat orders will go to that address.


Can I have more than one Subscription?

No, it’s one per registered customer.


Can I use Click & Collect for my COOK Subscription?

No, it’s only available for Home Delivery.


Can I set up a Subscription over the phone or in a COOK shop?

Not at the moment. You have to do it on the COOK website.


How frequently will I get my orders?

It’s up to you – anything from weekly to every 8 weeks.


How do I know an order is due?

You’ll always get a confirmation email 4 days before your next order is due.


When will I see the next order due on my account?

Your next order will appear on your account once your previous order has been delivered. This is when our system automatically generates your next order.


Can I cancel my Subscription?

Yes, whenever you like. Just cancel the next order on ‘My Account’ and this cancels the service. If the order is not showing or you are unable to cancel it, the two-day cut off has likely passed. If that’s the case, please call your local COOK shop so that they can do this for you, or give our office a call on 01732 759020.


How do I a skip a delivery?

Just move the date of the order to the next one you want.


When will I be charged?

The day before each delivery date.


Will the cost of each order change once I’ve set up the Subscription?

You’ll be charged at the price of the food at the time of the order being generated (which will include any current promotions). But if prices or promotions have changed since you set up the Subscription, the price you pay will change too. It will all be detailed in the confirmation email for each order.


Can I add a discount code to my order?

Indeed you can, once the order is showing in your account.


Can I use my COOK New Parents discount code?

Yes, you can. But it’s not applied automatically – you’ll need to add it manually to each order.


Can I use a COOK Gift Card to pay for a Subscription?

No, sorry. You’ll need to raise a stand-alone order to use it.


What if an item is out of stock or discontinued?

Like with a normal COOK order, we’ll get in touch to see if you’d like something different if it’s out of stock. If don’t make it anymore, you’ll need to edit your order. There’s a £45 minimum basket, so if the total falls below that, you’ll need to substitute it for something else.


How do I update my Credit Card details?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to cancel your Subscription and start a new one with your new card details.


Can I change my address?

Sorry. You’ll need to set up a new subscription to your new place.


My credit card is not longer valid, can I update my card details on my subscription?

Unfortunately, you need to cancel your subscription and start again with your new card details.


My address has changed, can I update my account for future orders?

I’m afraid this isn’t possible and you would need to cancel your subscription and start again.


It looks like an item on my subscription order is now discontinued what do I need to do?

You will need to edit your order and remove the item and add a new item if wanted, or if you need to so to reach the £45 minimum requirement.


Can I change my address?

Sorry. You’ll need to set up a new subscription to your new place.


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