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The COOK Kindness Fund Christmas 2020


“No act of kindness, however small, is wasted.”


The COOK Kindness Fund has been giving free meals and treats to people in need since the start of lockdown in March. Our original target was to distribute 100,000 free meals and, thanks to your help, we set up partnerships with hospitals, care homes, food banks and local community groups to help those struggling due to the covid-19 crisis. We hit our target in June, since when we’ve continued to give meals through a smaller number of partners and have now reached more than 130,000 meals given.

With this Christmas set to be difficult for many we’re setting aside another 50,000 meals to give to local people in need through the Kindness Fund. Once again, we need your help to connect us with local organisations which can safely collect meals from our shops (they need to collect at least 30 meals at a time) and then distribute them to those in need. To suggest a partner we could work with, please fill out the form on the link below by Friday 13th November.


What makes a suitable partner?

We are seeking to work with organisations that are feeding vulnerable, disadvantaged or otherwise needy people in the communities surrounding our shops for whom a hot COOK meal is going to make a real difference.


What happens after I’ve submitted the form?

You will receive an automated response to confirm your form has been submitted. We will then review the details and determine whether or not we can provide the organisation with the food required. This will depend on the work the organisation is doing and whether or not a local shop has capacity to provide the food (our shops can only work with a small number of partners at any one time). If we are able to partner with the organisation, we will let you know that they’ve been approved and contact them directly (assuming you aren’t the contact) to sort out the details of where and when they can collect their Kindness Fund meals.


What dates will meals be provided from and to?

Donations will commence from Monday 26th October and collections will continue until Friday 11th December. After this date, our shops are simply too busy with Christmas trade to be able to handle Kindness Fund donations.


What food can be provided?

Please be aware we cannot provide any of our seasonal festive dishes (eg turkey) as we simply do not have enough stock. Donations are focused on our core range of home cooking classics and the most commonly donated meals to date have been Cottage Pie, Macaroni Cheese and Spaghetti Bolognese. You can indicate the portion size that would be most useful (one, two or four portions).

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