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Peter's Yard Seeded Wholegrain Mini Crispbreads

Peter's Yard Seeded Wholegrain Mini Crispbreads

Nordic crispbreads, perfect for DIY canapes and dips or as a biscuit for cheese.

£3.00 Contains a minimum of 25 pieces (105g)

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Contains a minimum 25 crispbread pieces. Water, rye and wheat flours, honey, sourdough, sunflower seeds, linseeds, whole buckwheat, oat groats, salt and yeast.

-These crispbreads are perfect for making cold canapés.

- Serve a mix of hot and cold canapés: Prepare all the cold ones in advance, our little pots of handmade pate will make at least 30 canapés.

- Serving plates make all the difference.

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