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The COOK Kindness Fund


June 2020

There’s a great quote we’ve used at COOK over the years from Aesop, of ancient Greek fable fame: “No act of kindness, however small, is wasted.” That’s why, in early April 2020, we started the Kindness Fund with the aim of getting 100,000 meals and treats to vulnerable and isolated people and frontline NHS workers in our communities during the crisis. We know that what COOK can contribute is tiny in terms of the need, but we also know we’re in a time when small kindnesses are more important than ever.

Two months on and we are very close to moving past the 100,000 meals and treats mark. We been blown away by the number of recommendations for local charities and community organisations that we have received and it has been an absolute pleasure to develop partnerships with so many people who are doing their bit to create a more caring and connected society. Without these people putting the time and effort to come to our shops to collect the donations to distribute to those who need them we would not have been able to reach anywhere near as many people as we have.

Plenty of meals have gone to heroic, frontline NHS staff working at over 17 hospitals and ambulance stations around the country. And many have also gone to ordinary folk who find themselves struggling to get by. In just one round of deliveries by the Reverend Alice in Petersfield, Hampshire, meals went to families where both parents are self-employed and had yet to receive any government help; old people entirely without family support; a foster home with four children being home-schooled by their carer; and a recently bereaved man adjusting to life on his own…

She emailed to say: “The looks on their faces when I knocked on their door and gave them a lovely meal was heart warming.” To give a good meal to someone who needs it is food not just for the body, but for the soul (and not only when the local vicar is doing the delivering!).

So huge thanks to all those who’ve been helping us with the Kindness Fund, both inside COOK and beyond. And as lockdown starts to ease let’s not forget that no act of kindness, however small, is wasted.

Let’s keep looking out for each other.


Please Note: We are no longer taking recommendations for organisations to support through the Kindness Fund. If you are a charity or community organisation providing meals to people locally please do ask about our 30% community discount in your local store.

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