50 Uses of Ham

Posted on 14 December 2023

Ding dong! That is one serious ham. Big, isn’t it? But so versatile. Here’s 50 reasons why you’ll be needing one over Christmas. Yes, 50. Count them. Ready?

1. Ham and cheese omelettes.

2. Ham and mustard sandwiches.

3. Bubble and squeak.

4. Pea and ham soup.

5. Boxing Day cold cuts.

6. Ham and eggs.

7. Eggs Benedict.

8. Croque Monsieur…

9. And Croque Madame.

10. Quiche Lorraine.

11. Hawaiian pizza.

12. Brie, ham and mango chutney toastie.

13. Egg fried rice with ham and sweetcorn.

14. Ham and cheddar croquettes.

15. Chicken, ham and leek pies.

16. Cheese board.

17. Ham and cheese tortellini.

18. Ploughman’s lunch.

19. Ham and bean casserole.

20. Ham and mushroom pizza.

21. Spanish stew.

22. With colcannon.

23. Christmas leftover baguette.

24. Ham and new potatoes with vinaigrette.

25. Christmas curry with ham and turkey.

26. Ham salad.

27. Loaded potato skins.

28. Ham quesadillas.

29. Creamy cheese and ham pasta.

30. Cheese and ham pinwheels.

31. Creamy ham and potato soup.

32. Ham and goats cheese ravioli.

33. Prawn and ham dumplings.

34. Ham and tomato sandwiches.

35. Reuben sandwich with ham.

36. Chicken Cordon Bleu.

37. Breakfast pizza with ham and egg.

38. Ham and bean soup.

39. Club Sandwich.

40. Ham and pea gnocchi.

41. Ham and brie frittata.

42. Ham and potato rosti.

43. Corn and ham fritters.

44. Ham and lentil soup.

45. Asparagus, ham and mascarpone tarts.

46. Ham and mushroom risotto.

47. Ham and corn chowder.

48. Sweet potato hash with ham.

49. Ok, we’re running out of ideas here. Edible door stop?

50. Impractical football?

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