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Lamb Meals

For our lamb mince we take whole legs of lamb and mince them ourselves in the Mincer Of Truth.

This way we know that nothing but top quality meat goes into our lamb mince recipes. If you want to see the Mincer Of Truth in action, you can watch a little video if you click here.

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Lamb Casserole with New Potatoes

Tender leg of lamb with new potatoes in a rich gravy with mint and redcurrant jelly. Full details >

Microwaveable Dairy Free Meals
£5.00 Serves 1 (330g)
£8.99 Serves 2 (660g)

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine

Leg of lamb, slow-cooked to perfection with chickpeas and an authentic blend of Moroccan spices, garnished with almond flakes. Full details >

Top 10 Bestseller Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 1 Dairy Free Meals Great Taste
£5.00 Serves 1 (290g)
£8.99 Serves 2 (580g)
£17.95 Serves 4 (1160g)

Shepherd's Pie

Prime leg of lamb, minced at the COOK Kitchen, cooked slowly with vegetables to create a rich, flavoursome gravy. Topped with buttery, parsley mash. Full details >

Gluten Free
£3.99 Serves 1 (380g)
£6.99 Serves 2 (760g)
£13.95 Serves 4 (1520g)

Lamb Moussaka

Minced leg of lamb, seasoned with cinnamon and mint, with layers of roasted aubergine and potato slices and a creamy, ricotta cheese sauce. Full details >

£4.25 Serves 1 (380g)
£7.50 Serves 2 (760g)
£15.00 Serves 4 (1520g)

Liver, Bacon and Onions

Moist, tender lamb's liver pieces in a red wine sauce, garnished with onions and smoked back bacon. Full details >

£3.50 Serves 1 (270g)
£6.50 Serves 2 (540g)

Lamb Dupiaza

Diced leg of lamb, marinated in a mix of spices and yoghurt, cooked with tomatoes and plenty of onions. Fairly hot. Full details >

Microwaveable Gluten Free Chilli Level 2 Great Taste
£5.00 Serves 1 (300g)
£10.00 Serves 2 (600g)

Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks

Slow-cooked lamb shanks with a red wine and rosemary jus Full details >

Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals Great Taste
£13.00 Serves 2 (900g)

Lamb Hotpot

Slow-cooked leg of lamb with vegetables topped with sliced potatoes and rosemary butter. Full details >

£5.00 Serves 1 (360g)

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