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We've found that the more we take care of our people, the more they take care of COOK.

Fair Pay

Money isn’t everything but it’s an important thing, and everybody needs enough to live on. It’s why we’re certified by the Living Wage Foundation and distribute 5% of profits between all staff.

It’s no secret that the gap between the richest and the rest in society has been getting bigger.The dramatic increase in executive pay, when compared with average pay, has only helped widen this gap in recent years.

We seek to pay people well for whatever job they do at COOK.We are also committed to keeping the gap between the highest and lowest paid to no more than 15x salary.

Why we’re certified by the Living Wage Foundation

The Living Wage is calculated each year by The Living Wage Foundation, a completely independent body. It takes into account all the costs of living and its hourly rate is adjusted annually. It has a higher rate for Greater London (where the cost of living is higher), than for elsewhere in the UK.

COOK has been certified by the Living Wage Foundation since July 2015.That means that everyone working in our kitchens and company-owned shops is paid at least the real Living Wage - which is significantly higher than the government set minimum wage for people under 25 and living wage for those over 25.

2018 Rates

A third of our shops are owned by franchisees, which means they’re operated as independent businesses.They are not required to pay their staff the certified Living Wage, although some do.We are working with the others to enable them to do so.

Only a few other retailers and manufacturers have been certified by the LivingWage Foundation.As we happen to be both, that makes us pretty unusual.


Profit Share

Each year, we share 5% of our annual profits between all employees who’ve been with the company for at least 12 months.


Hardship Fund

We offer interest-free loans to employees who may be going through tough times financially.


Financial Wellbeing

We run “money matters” courses to help employees understand how they can manage their own finances better, particularly in relation to debt.



Some of the benefits of working for COOK include:

- 30% staff discount

-Your birthday off

- Access to the COOK Cabin, our free holiday home for staff

- Life assurance


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Gender Pay Gap

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