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!!We can now announce that our winner is... Jean Harvey with her entry 'Kitchen Aroma'. !!And the runners up: Cos of COOK... I will survive’ by Danny Houlder\\‘Anyone can “COOK”’ by Denise Langley\\‘COOK’ by Emma Woods Congratulations! National Poetry Day at COOK was a great success and thanks to everyone who took the time to write us something over the past few months. We were quite staggered by the quality of entries and (gush) a little flattered, to say the least. In fact, we’ve been so impressed with your creative talents and the effort people took that we’re tempted to request the odd poetry reading. No need to plan – just go into your local COOK shop and…improvise! And if anyone fancies doing a rendition of Danny Houlder’s disco poem to the sounds of ‘I will Survive’ (see below) perhaps we could even hold some sort of screening. Okay. Maybe we ask too much. ------------------------------------------------------- ! !!Kitchen Magic !!by Jean Harvey An aroma from the kitchen\\slowly wafts around the house\\the dog’s awake and sniffing\\and the cat ignores the mouse\\the kids have stopped their fighting\\every hungry soul’s aware\\of a scent that’s so inviting\\spreading magic through the air. Anticipation lights their faces\\‘Dinner’s Ready!’ comes the call\\there’s a scramble for their places\\footsteps pounding down the hall\\the suspense is truly thrilling\\every taste bud fully primed\\by the teasing perfume spilling\\with its promise near-divine. They’re all sitting to attention\\by the time that Mum appears\\flushed with culinary perfection\\she has strived for all these years\\then she serves each fragrant portion\\with a modest sort of grin\\(fingers crossed as a precaution\\packets hidden in the bin!) Mouths a-water, eyebrows raising\\as Dad tries the gourmet sauce\\‘It’s delicious! Quite amazing!\\A creative tour de force!’\\Tucking in like they were famished\\‘til nothing’s left but plates to lick\\every tender morsel vanished\\disappearing double-quick. Not a nibble for poor Rover\\not a scrap for pussy’s bowl\\not one crumb of food left over\\every last bite swallowed whole.\\Dad’s now full and asks the question\\‘Where’d you learn to cook like that?’\\Mum decides against confession\\keeps the trick under her hat. ! ------------------------------------------------------- !!Anyone Can ‘COOK’ !! by Denise Langley Another invite hits the mat - oh dear, I’d best decline......\\If I accept and go to theirs, they’ll have to come to mine,\\And though I love them dearly and their parties are the best, \\I cannot cater, cannot cook - the mere thought leaves me stressed. Married with kids in years gone by, we entertained each week;\\Now on my own, and older too, the prospect makes me freak.\\I wish I were more organised, with perfect menus planned -\\But that’s not me...... I panic...... well, perhaps you understand? Then when our ‘COOK’ shop opened up I got myself on track;\\Their top tastes and ingredients replace the skills I lack!\\My friends are none the wiser - we enjoy some great nights in;\\They’re fed, I’m chilled, it’s easy - our ‘COOK’ really is win-win! ------------------------------------------------------- !!Cos of Cook...I will survive !!by Danny Houlder At first I was afraid, I was petrified...\\All the food my wife cooked was always burnt and fried\\I spent so many nights ordering food from Mr Wong\\I grew fat...but then a cook brochure came along..\\So I ordered food, through your web space\\I found you by the back door and a smile come on my face\\I should have done this years ago, when it comes down to my tea\\If i’d known for just one second, what a delight cook could be!\\So now go...order Cook to your door\\Just one click now\\No more burnt pans any more\\Weren’t my wife the one who hurt me with her pies?\\She can’t make crumble!.. it was burnt and dry..\\Oh no not I...we now have pies...\\And such other food we love we barely have to try\\ I’ve got my freezer full of cooks , no need for “Jamie” books\\I will survive!\\I will survive! ------------------------------------------------------- !!COOK !!by Emma Woods Some fourteen years ago in the merry land of Kent,\\Two friends had an idea that was frankly heaven sent.\\They planned to fill a nation with tasty homemade food:\\No junk, no nasty colourings, all additives tabooed. And so from fragrant kitchens they gave us Lamb Tagines\\And Coq au Vin and Bourguignon and Casserole with Beans. And just in case we thought we'd have to slave to entertain\\They thoughtfully produced a more sophisticated main. Christmas, Easter, drinks parties, they covered every date\\With canapes, mains, puddings, buffet food to heat and plate. And so we raise a glass of thanks to our top secret friend\\We know that COOK will do us proud from starter to the end. So if one day you dine with friends and think that COOK has been,\\We beg you to keep quiet about what you might have seen! And if you find that catering gives you a frazzled look,\\May we suggest our remedy: come in and shop at COOK. ! ------------------------------------------------------- ! !!Our Family’s Food Fiasco - a true story !!by Rebecca Beesley This is the true tale of the Beef Bourguignon saga,\\A story to remember for ever after,\\Notice there is no ‘happily’,\\The reason why, you’ll come to see. Beef Bourguignon from COOK - a popular choice\\For my husband and my two boys.\\Always gobbled quickly up,\\Beef Bourguignon bought from the COOK shop. One day, as a special treat,\\Off to the butchers to buy some meat.\\About time I did my motherly duty...\\(Little did I know they’d nearly shoot me!) Over the hot stove, all afternoon slaved,\\At last it was finished, the meal they craved.\\All four of us at the table - hubby, boys, and me,\\All looking forward to our tasty tea. Mum (that’s me), feeling rather tired,\\But ‘worth it’ I thought as my dish was admired.\\The first spoonful went in, then a horrified look...\\“Mummy, this dinner isn’t from COOK!” “This tastes yuk!” my six year old announces\\Then out of the room he promptly flounces.\\I swiftly call out, “But you like this dish.”\\“Not this, only from COOK!” he insists. I put my foot down and tell him he must eat more.\\That’s when his dinner is thrown on the floor!\\A mother rejected, a mum in despair.\\A mother ready to pull out her hair. I couldn’t understand how it all went so wrong\\Over a dish of homemade Beef Bourguignon.\\So into the bin goes my recipe book,\\My lesson’s been learnt... I’m off to COOK! ! ------------------------------------------------------- ! !!In Praise of on National Poetry Day !!by Antoinette Mackworth I’m beset with a teaser, the ‘relies’ are due,\\There’s naught in my freezer, so what can I do?\\The answer comes quickly, ‘its Edward and Dale’,\\I’m phoning THE COOK SHOP, their staff never fail,\\To greet me and give me such helpful advice,\\My luncheon is planned, it’s been done in a trice. There are dishes aplenty, they’re all a safe bet,\\Thank God for the growth of\\For quality, helpings and that homemade look,\\I love their food dearly: Here’s three cheers for COOK! ! ------------------------------------------------------- !!CORNISH COOK !!by John Bower Each year our children come to stay\\Bringing their children too,\\And, as we live close by the sea,\\There’s lots for them to do. Grandchildren surf, and sail and play\\Cricket all day long.\\Whilst Mothers chat and have a drink\\And lounge in their sarong. The Dads play golf, and huff and puff\\And barbeque the meal,\\And later serve an evening feast\\Burned bangers - not ideal. Our only problem in this time\\Is really how to cater\\For children, grand-kids and their friends,\\As they just turn to Mater. But Pater said ‘I’ve had a thought -\\I know just where to look.\\For tasty meals day after day,\\We’ll simply turn to COOK. And thus we, too, have time to swim,\\To talk, to play, to think,\\Because COOK has released us from\\The dreaded kitchen sink. ------------------------------------------------------- !!Poem for Cooks Food !!by Charlotte Strivens and Luke Strivens \\(Ages 12 and 11) Feeling the sand between my toes,\\The wind in my hair,\\Ice cream dripping down my hand,\\Burying Dad in the sand, Swimming in the ice cold sea,\\Lips turning blue,\\Warming up in a fluffy towel,\\Bathing in the sun, Going into town with friends,\\Having such a laugh,\\Trying out all the fudges,\\Taking pictures by the lighthouse,\\ Coming back to the beach,\\Brother’s had a few ice lollies,\\Playing cricket lost the ball,\\Gone to buy another one, Suns gone down,\\Beach deserted,\\Time to pack away,\\But we’ll be back,\\Same place same time,\\Ready for another day! ------------------------------------------------------- !!Food Galore !!by Elena Breeze (Age 12) I walked along Sevenoaks street,\\Looking for something scrumptious to eat,\\Then suddenly a smell wafted up my nose,\\The smell of COOK’s,\\And I froze.\\I walked inside the shop and there,\\I saw food everywhere!\\There were chocolate brownies, foods galore!\\I think I bought the entire store!
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