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Chicken Noodle Laksa

Chicken Noodle Laksa MicrowaveableOnlyGluten FreeChilli Level 1Dairy Free MealsPots Under 400 Calories

Marinated chicken with rice noodles in a sweet and fragrant coconut sauce.

Pot For One

£4.00 Pot For One (320g)

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Tell Me More

  • This pot has only 307 calories and 9.6g of fat
  • It cooks from frozen in the microwave in minutes
  • It's a complete meal for one, so perfect for lunch or a quick supper
  • You could top with sliced fresh chili and coriander, and serve with a wedge of lime

Other meals under 400 calories:

  • All of our Pots for One have less than 400 calories and 14g of fat, without compromising on taste.
  • They're ideal for anyone watching their waistline or just looking to eat a bit more healthily.
  • We also have lots of other recipes that are under 400 calories listed here, though they are not complete meals like the pots so you may need a side to go with.


How We Make It

  • Our chefs add coconut milk and lots of spices: cinnamon, lime leaf, cardamon, lemongrass, ginger and tamarind
  • They stir fry veg - carrots, yellow and red peppers and spring onions - before adding the cabbage, water chestnuts and soya beans
  • Chicken is marinated in ginger, Thai fish sauce, red Thai chilli and fresh lime juice which then gets added to the dish last minute, along with the rice noodles


‘Just had the Chicken Noodle Laksa. Absolutely fabulous and only 307 calories. Shall definitely add this to my low calorie meals. Yummy’

Susan via Facebook

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