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Moroccan Spiced Lamb TagineMinted CouscousMoroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine
Moroccan Spiced Lamb TagineMinted CouscousMoroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine

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Moroccan Feast for 6 MicrowaveableChilli Level 1

A Moroccan feast for 6 which includes our Moroccan Spiced Lamb Tagine & Minted Couscous.

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Includes: Moroccan Lamb Tagine (4)x1, Moroccan Lamb Tagine (2)x1 and Minted Couscous (2)x3

Okay Every Day:

Our Lamb Tagine clocks in at under a third of the Reference Intake (RI) for calories, sugar, salt, fat and saturated fat for an adult … and are made just like you would at home.

Please note that, depending on what and how much you serve with the tagine, it may creep over a third of your RI. But that shouldn’t be an issue if it’s your main meal of the day.

  • Our Lamb Tagine is a winner of multiple Great Taste Awards
  • Our Tagine is made with diced legs of lamb which means lots of lean and tasty meat
  • Prunes – a traditional tagine ingredient – bring sweetness and naturally thicken the sauce

Try it with:

  • You can add some natural yoghurt or sour cream, too, with some fresh mint as a garnish
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try making your own flatbreads. Check out our recipe in the video below

How We Make Our Lamb Tagine

  • It begins with diced leg of lamb, braised for a few hours. Then garlic and onions are fried with Ras el Hanout, along with some other spices. Ras el Hanout – which translates as ‘Head of the Shop’ or ‘Best in the Shop’ – is a mixture of more than a dozen spices that gives Moroccan cuisine its distinctive flavour
  • For the sweetness, we use prunes that have soaked in water to rehydrate them. We save the liquid for the sauce, so none of their flavour is wasted
  • Then it’s finished with chickpeas and flaked almonds


Spiced Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Minted Couscous

Serving Suggestion Videos

‘Try the Moroccan Lamb Tagine. It’s brilliant!’

- Nicholas via Facebook

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