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Our Purpose & Progress Report 2019

See where your money goes. An in-depth look at what we achieved in our last financial year. Not just the figures but, more importantly, the positive steps we’ve taken to nourish relationships with our customers and communities; our food and where it comes from; our people and their work; and between business and society. Thank you for making it all possible and, if you have any questions, do drop us a line at edwardanddale@cookfood.net


Download the full Purpose & Progress Report 2019 here


Nourishing Relationships With Our People & Their Work

We believe people are amazing and that energised individuals with a purpose can accomplish remarkable things.

We want to create a thriving workplace community, where people can have meaningful relationships with their work and each other. An environment where people can discover and realise their potential - both as individuals and in teams. We believe this will ripple out and benefit our families, friends and communities.

We remain committed to paying a real Living Wage (as set each year by an independent foundation) and sharing 5% of pre-tax profits between COOK employees. We offered 20 jobs through our RAW Talent scheme for people facing big obstacles to work, like time spent in prison or suffering from mental illness. And we were the 14th Best Company To Work For in the country and the top manufacturer.


Nourishing Relationships With Food & Where It Comes From

We are guided by our founding statement: to cook using the same ingredients and techniques a good cook would use at home, so everything looks and tastes homemade.

Cooking is the magic through which people transform raw ingredients into delicious sustenance for life. It is the vital link connecting food and farms, people and planet. So we are proud to cook in kitchens full of people and seek to create a better food system.

We’ve made good progress in growing our sales of meat-free and healthier meals, and continue to raise the bar each year in sourcing ingredients sustainably. We sent zero waste to landfill from our kitchens and started introducing more sustainable packaging.


Nourishing Relationships With Customers & Their Communities

We believe the real richness in life lies in our human relationships. Food helps bring people together and sharing a meal is the best way to begin, deepen and revive relationships.

By cooking for others, we give people more time focus on what really matters. We see every interaction with COOK as an opportunity to build a relationship.

We celebrated our 1,000th Community Kitchen event helping bring together people in their local communities. We distributed Care cards to more than 400 people needing a helping hand in the kitchen and, working with One Feeds Two, we donated more than half a million free school meals to kids in Malawi.


Nourishing Relationships Between Business & Society

We believe a business is the most potent instrument of positive change in the world today.

We seek to show how business can create shared and durable prosperity for all, rather than simply miximise returns for shareholders.

We reduced our carbon footprint by 30% thanks to our commitment to using sustainable electricity. We grew awareness of the B Corp movement among our customers and spent more than 1,000 hours supporting good cause or inspiring other companies to use their businesses as a force for good in society.



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Download the full Purpose & Progress Report 2019 here

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