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Talk is shallow. Deeds are deep.

Our 2020 To-Do List

We have 16 to-dos to complete by the end of our 2020 financial year to make sure COOK is becoming a more responsible and sustainable business.

They are arranged under the four pillars of our driving purpose: Nourishing Relationships.


Nourishing Relationships

with People & their Work

By 2020 we will:

- Keep the difference between the highest and lowest paid people at COOK within 15x and support the financial wellbeing of all our staff, by paying the Living Wage and sharing 5% of profits annually.

- Provide 100 more opportunities through our Dream Academy.

- Continue to offer jobs to people needing help into work following prison, homelessness or other challenges through our RAW Talent Programme.


Nourishing Relationships

with Food & Where It Comes From

By 2020 we will:

- Source 100% of our chicken from UK higher welfare farms. Read more about our ingredients and suppliers here.

- Double the number of healthier, Okay Every Day recipes in our core range to 20 (a third of the range). Read more about eating well at COOK here.

- Introduce a more sustainable alternative to our plastic food trays. Read more about our packaging and recycling here.

- Grow meat-free sales to 10% of our savoury sales total.To find out why we’re trying to Be More Herbivore click here.

- Half food waste from our central kitchen and warehouse.


Nourishing Relationships

with Our Customers & their Communities

By 2020 we will:

- Support 1,500 community events to bring people together with our 30% discount.

- Support 1,500 people who need a helping hand in the kitchen with a Care card.

- Provide a further 1 million free meals to school children in Malawi through our partnership with One Feeds Two.


Nourishing Relationships

between Business & Society

By 2020 we will:

- Invest 3,000 hours collectively in supporting or inspiring other organisations through volunteering our time and expertise.To find out more about working at COOK click here.

- Maintain 100% renewable electricity at our shops and in our Kitchens.To find out more about our use of resources click here.

- Use our shops to report back to customers and communities, invite feedback and promote a better way of doing business e.g. through our Annual General Munching.To read all our company reports click here.

- Recertify as a B Corporation in 2020 with an improved score.


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