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Tips for Pancake Day

Posted on 12 February 2021


To make Pancake Day a real celebration, have a pile of pancakes in the middle of the table (or keep them coming from the stove) surrounded by all your favourite toppings. Fresh lemon juice and sugar are a classic, of course, but here are some others to try on your second, third or fourth helping!


1. Nutella with strawberries or banana. You could even add a few chocolate chips and nuts as a bonus.

2. A good slug of the French orange liqueur Grand Marnier with a dusting of sugar.

3. Blueberry, bacon and maple syrup. Trust me!

4. Cream and strawberry jam.

5. Banana, honey and Greek yoghurt.


For a savoury option, ham, grated cheese and chilli jam work brilliantly together. Or try ham, fried egg and fried sage. I’ve always thought savoury pancakes should be folded over rather than rolled up like sweet ones. Savoury pancakes are also great if you make them with chickpea flour and a bit of coriander in the batter.

Have fun!

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