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National Poetry Day

Posted on 2 October 2014

In preparation for National Poetry Day, we asked you to send us your verse. We've had some lovely entries, here they all are, starting with a poem written by John Dixon, COOK co-founder Ed's wifes grandfather. Time to make a cup of tea and have a read.

If you'd like to send us a verse, it's not too late - either email us on edwardanddale@cookfood.net, or post a verse in the comments below.  

The Magic of Love
By John Dixon

Love is like magic,
And it will always be,
For Love still remains,
Life’s sweet mystery.

Love works in ways,
That are wondrous and strange,
And there’s nothing in life,
That love cannot change.

Love can transform,
The most common place,
Into beauty and splendour,
And sweetness and grace.

Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it feels with its heart,
And not its mind.

Love is the answer,
That everyone seeks,
Love is the language,
That every heart speaks.

Love can’t be bought ,
Its priceless but free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is a sweet mystery.

Highland Memories
By Iona Lewis

Distant mountains bare and stark, 
Jagged slopes of gray 
Surrounded by the looming cloud 
Capped by snow each day

Tumbling falls of torrents fast, 
Sheltered glens of green, 
Water pours across the rocks
Foaming pools between.

Icy cold and crystal clear, 
The rushing waters grow, 
Tiny creeks and inlet streams 
Feed the speeding flow.

From the towering snow capped peaks 
Through the glen it goes, 
Across the purple heathered moors 
The torrent finally slows.

The waters reach the river mouth 
They spread and slowly seep 
They've finally reached the surging sea 
Swallowed in the deep.

The Quest
By Georgina Lippiett 

They both knew that the time had come but neither could agree 
How best to tell the others of their quest across the sea

One thought it would be kindest to make it short and brief 
The other thought that method cruel and bound to cause more grief

Our plan is all arranged, let's tell them it's decided 
No no I fear your thirst for speed is woefully misguided

They argued back and forth and long into the night 
They carried on when first the moon and then the sun was bright

As slumber came along and stole their energy for sorrow
Their whispers turned to hopes and dreams and promises of tomorrow

They talked of lands they'd never seen, had never known existed 
Where mountains, lakes and waterfalls around each other twisted

Where fruits were always ripe and creatures always free 
And welcome would be stories of their quest across the sea

The sun rose high above their heads, the pair slipped in to slumber
The others found them fast asleep and soon began to wonder

How do you think they'll take the news, do they know it's time? 
Can they feel the yearning pull that echoes through our kind?

How can we explain to them the journey we must take, 
How many days of sleepless flight and all for their own sake

And that their happiness and future and sense of being free
Must all be earned and fought for on this quest across the sea

Then as the wind grew stronger and fluttered through their feathers 
The young explorers straightened out their wings and stood together

When age and youth met eye to eye, they found words were not needed 
As one they lifted to the skies, and land and doubt receded.

A Slimmers Coffee Break
by Andrew Molan

Chocolate covered digits search the cupboard for more of their kind.
Brown fingers entwine as resolve crumbles, munched to the bone.

by Anne Groves

We’ve had a family tortoise for 40 years or more
No-one knows from whence he came – he just appeared at our front door
A strangely remote creature, all shell and scaly skin
Whenever taken by surprise, he swiftly draws his head within
On warm and sunny days on dandelions he will gorge
The grandchildren decided that he should be christened ‘George’
We only see him half the year, as he hibernates in the Fall
The consensus of opinion is that he’s likely to outlive us all.

By Rebecca Bone

I would if there was a shop near to me.
I live on the coast, right up in windy Saltburn by the Sea.
I've just taken my delivery, all excellent again.

Now, what about internet users.
Often we are more regular customers.
I will be.
I've shopped for some time with the high street brands, not any more.

It's Cooks and Grazers.
, they cook the wonderful, well prepared meal.
Grazers, the local greengrocer who supplies the fruit and sometimes the vegetables.
As for my dairy, the local milko man!

So, I'm a happy shopper.
Leave those high street supermarkets alone.
All full of saturated fats and eek, take aways.
As for bread, I bake my own.
And guess what, you actually save.

Especially when it comes to your health.
Who loves to Cook...me, well, that's what I tell my daughter.
She loves the risotto, and the pasta dishes.
She also loves puddings......I make the apple crumble, the apple pies.

All those lovely discovery and English apples.
Any chance we could have an internet apple pie?

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