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The Best Board Games You’ve Never Played

Posted on 17 November 2017

Winter evenings and board games are a perfect marriage. But rarely do we add to our collection, falling back on old favourites. Embrace the new, with these three brilliant recommendations from the team at Playopolis, who not only run a website that’s the last word in games, but also have a board game café in Rochester. Let’s get rolling…

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

(1- 8 players, age 13+)

Forget everything you know about board games. In Consulting Detective, players are presented with several mysteries by Sherlock Holmes and it is their duty to walk the streets of Victorian London to track down clues. This is a very open-ended cooperative story driven game where players must use their own logic to work out where to go, who to talk to and, ultimately, who committed the crime.

Cash ‘n Guns

(4-8 players, age 10+)

Players take the role of a team of bank robbers who have just successfully pulled off the heist of their lives and must now split the loot with the help of foam prop guns! A hilarious introduction to modern board gaming that is great for parties and features easy to learn rules.


(3-5 platers, age 14+)

A fun push your luck party game which sees a gang of greedy dwarves mine for crystals by dunking their hand into an ever so tempting bag of crystals to become the top dwarf with the most cash. A bit like pass the parcel but with more diamonds and betrayal!

All three of these games are available online at

If you fancy trying any of them out, all of them are playable alongside a library of over 600 games at Playopolis Board Game Café at 2 Star Hill, Rochester, Kent ME1 1UX

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