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We love... Korres

Posted on 25 November 2014

Pre party pampering with Korres

How have we chosen Korres to be our partner for the pre party pampering part of our party package? Quite simple. Sarah in our brand team is pretty much their biggest fan, as evidenced by this photo. Here, she tell's us a bit more about her Korres obsession…

Before turning 30, I paid scant attention to what beauty products I used, skipping happily from brand to brand, disloyal and definitely not concerned with any natural or eco angle. Until I read an article claiming 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream (more on that here). I decided I would investigate further. A friend who had started her own green living magazine and was therefore wll versed in 'alternative' products (i.e. not my usual super expensive lotions and potions) recommend Korres, and as you can see my bathroom has remained a shrine to them ever since.

Korres is an all natural skin care brand founded in Greece in 1996, with the following philosophy...

“In the beginning, our goal was to use natural, herbal ingredients in an effective and safe way to make products we’re proud of for the people we love. Today, our goal remains the same. By always doing what we believe is right—avoiding harsh chemicals, relying on both basic and applied science, helping organic farmers, supporting local communities, protecting natural resources—we have accomplished something unique. By doing what we love, we have created products that people love.” – George Korres, Pharmacist

Korres forms a very important part of my day – I use the Basil and Lemon Shower Gel & the Guava body butter as well as the Wild Rose moisturising cream (I can safely say it eclipses all other much more expensive brands) and just before I leave the house I spritz Pepper, Jasmine & Gaiac Wood perfume. So I'm very excited to be able to give someone else the chance to discover Korres through this competition and fall in love with their products!

If you'd like to read more about Korres, here's a link to a great article I found on the ecologist. 

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