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The Chopstick Challenge!

Posted on 6 April 2015


Chopsticks at the ready people! Whilst our takeaway offer is on we'll be running a chopstick challenge in store. Have a go if you think you're nimble enough, there's a Takeaway for 2 (and never ending pride) up for grabs for the local champion.

The Challenge:

Using chopsticks, how many grains of rice can you transfer from one bowl to another, in one minute...?  (Fiona is our reigning champion here at the COOK Kitchen —she managed 20.)

The Rules:

  • Only one grain of rice can be moved at a time
  • No fingers can touch the bowls (or anything else other than chopsticks, for that matter). Basically - no cheating!
  • Have fun!

Each shop will pick a winner at the end of the month and ask you to come in to collect your prize and pride - so you'll need to leave your email with them when you enter.

Good luck!!


£10 takeaway for two


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