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School Nativity Play

Posted on 3 December 2015

Top tips for the school nativity play

Congratulations! Your child has landed a plum role in the school nativity play. If you're stuck for acting tips, here are some pointers to help them steal the show.

Mary: Don't drag Baby Jesus along by his leg or try to throw him over the manger during the boring bits. And that's our best tea towel, so look after it.

Joseph: Not glaring at your on-stage wife like you hate her is a good start. And don't play with your beard, it will come off.

Wise Man: Look, I know you're pretty much just kneeling for most of the play, but please stop eating the frankincense. Just try to look wise and tired. Like mummy, basically.

Donkey (front): Imagine how it felt being a beast of burden in Biblical times. Let it inform every movement and noise that you make. Oh, and remember that Alfie is attached to your bottom.

Donkey (back): Hold on tight.

Angel: Don't pick your nose.

Shepherd: For the last time: it's a crook not a lightsaber. And if I hear you changing the words to While Shepherds Watched again, then so help me...

Tree: I might as well be up-front: the role of tree requires a lot of standing really still. You can wave your branches during the carols a bit. Just don't go crazy.

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