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A Little Pizza Research

Posted on 17 December 2013

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Here at the COOK kitchen, we take all your feedback very seriously and continuously develop and redevelop all our recipes. We’ve had lots of invaluable feedback from you all (thank you!) about our new Pizza range and their base. Part of this receipe redevelopment involves getting out into the field, sussing out the competition, checking out the trends and on this occasion, eating a lot of pizza!

Recently, Lyndsay and Jess, our development chefs, spent a day visiting some of the best pizza restaurants in London, each of whom are feted for their amazing toppings, beautiful bases or both.

First up was Lardo; unexpectedly, the favourite there was a pizza bianco (white sauce base rather than tomato) with a smoked ricotta. Despite their preconceptions of this combination being too sickly, the smokiness of the ricotta cut through the fat perfectly. The ‘Lardo’ pizza (Lardo is cured pork fat and is a delicacy) although very foodie wasn't a favourite. Lardo warm isn't appetizing enough even for our self confessed foodies!

Next up was Pizza Pilgrims where the classic Buffalo won out. As the name suggests a simple tomato base with creamy buffalo mozzarella torn over it- what more do you need?! The Njuda also got a mention; spicy sauce that adds a bit of fire to the classic tomato and mozzarella combo.

Pizza East- the longest standing of the three pizzerias- did not disappoint with a plethora of interesting toppings however as always these toppings don't spread out to the edges which gives you a lot of crust (tasty crust) but crust all the same.

Lastly the girls headed over to Night Tales, a new and very cool pop up market in East London, where Pizza Pilgrims also have a stall. There they gorged on a deep fried pizza - not something we will be offering but an interesting taste experience none the less.

They all confirmed our thoughts here at the COOK Kitchen that we want a thinner, softer base where the toppings do the talking. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, hop over to Pizza Pilgrims and find out how to make a pizza in a frying pan.

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