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Our First Unsung Great Briton

Posted on 5 October 2012


Our search for Unsung Great Britons, to accompany the launch of our new range of Brit Pots, has un-earthed a multitude of heroes. It's made us appreciate that every day, perfectly ordinary Britons are doing extraordinary things for family, friends and complete strangers without seeking any reward or recognition. All a bit humbling. Our first Unsung Great Briton is Samantha Holder Lockheart, nominated by Rachel Thomas for being a superstar friend:

"I have recently been having chemotherapy and feeling pretty exhausted. Over the last six months Samantha has had my children to stay, taken them to summer camps, and to the olympics, she has come to chemotherapy sessions, researched cancer friendly diets, had us for dinner, cooked breakfast for 40 of my friends, sent me cheery postcards, made me laugh, and generally been a superstar. She is certainly a Great Briton, and that is without mentioning all the other fantastic things she does for others."

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