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Biscuit decorating for National Baking Week

Posted on 18 October 2012

Maybe it's far from coincidence that the culmination of the beloved Great British Bake Off coincided with National Baking Week this year. Either way it provides an excuse to show off what talented bakers we have in our midst at the COOK Kitchen.

Our new graphic designer, Kendall certainly has a talent for making things pretty. This was her first go at piping so we were pretty amazed. She had been advised to tackle it only when armed with an empty squeezy ketchup bottle (a la your local cheap cafe) as apparently this is the best way to get the accuracy needed.

You use a piping bag to create a thin line round the edge of the biscuit and then squeeze the flood icing in the middle with the squeezy bottles.

Beautiful. And as a bonus they were quite delicious. 

If you fancy giving them a try yourself check out The Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits that Kendall used (or check out www.biscuiteers.com).

Jenny who recently started working in the Development Kitchen with Jamie and Lyndsay made us some superb cupcakes a few weeks ago (during National Cupcake Week, in fact) which featured a well-known biscuit on top. We do like our food pretty.

And don't forget Lauren's recipe for Cranberry and Orange Cupcakes, which we posted a couple months ago. 

Do share pictures of your baking creations or favourite recipes with us at edwardanddale@cookfood.net.

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