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Remarkable Food For Your Freezer

2015 Weigh in

Posted on 7 January 2015


2015 marks the third year of our Oh My Goodness, I get to eat normally, Ryan Gosling-approved*, unscientifically tested, January diet plan. In year one, Jemima lost 8lb by eating delicious COOK food for the month of January. Yay! In year two, Hannah lost a stone by eating delicious COOK food for the month of January. Woohoo! In year three … who knows!

We have a whole posse of people at the Kitchen (above)  planning to eat delicious COOK food for the month of January in a bid to lose a few pounds (not because they need to, just because they want to). If you’d like to join them, pick up a planner in store or download one here.

You’ll discover:
- You won’t get bored as there’s plenty of choice.
- You get to eat amazing-tasting food. Every. Single. Day. You can share it with your other half, thanks to our new OMG Suppers and two portion meals.
- You can have people over for dinner without them ever suspecting you’re “on a diet” (note, wine is a calorific road smash. Sorry. Clear spirits are the way to go).
- You can even eat curry – usually a bit of a disaster on the diet front.

*In year one, Jemima kept a picture of “The Goz” on her desk with the message: “If you eat bread, Ryan is sad.” She didn’t. Ryan was happy. Rather, his picture was. *We think this counts as approval. At least, we do until Ryan’s expensive LA lawyer tells us otherwise.

Download your meal planner here

In the below video, development chef Lyndsay shows us how to serve our Beef Bourguignon with her remarkably clever (and easy) bread dumplings - a comforting, all in one dish (and still with only 450 calories per portion, with the two dumplings). 

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