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Whether it’s canapes, a time-saving starter, a special main course or a spectacular pud, we can lend you a helping hand in the kitchen so you can get on with the bits you enjoy most (even if it’s just a pre-dinner soak and a glass of bubbly).

If you're organising a big spread, it needn’t turn into a big hassle. Go to our party food page and download the helpful menu planner. Alternatively, pop into your local COOK shop and chat to one of our wonderful menu assistants or give us a ring on 01732 759 000 - we'll be happy to help you plan your menu.

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Prime fillet of British Beef with a Porcini mushroom duxelle, wrapped in an all butter puff pastry. Details >

£20.00 Serves 2 460g

Chicken breasts wrapped in sweet-cured bacon with a luxurious mushroom and truffle oil risotto. Details >

£17.95 Serves 4 1260g

Slow-cooked top rump beef in a rich, red wine gravy, with sweet onions, carrots and an all-butter, shortcrust pastry lid. Details >

£14.95 Serves 4 1240g

Kiln roasted salmon with dill in a classic egg quiche garnished with fresh dill Details >

£10.00 Serves 4 470g

Tender top rump beef, with Portobello mushrooms and shallots, cooked slowly with Merlot wine and wrapped in all-butter, shortcrust pastry Details >

£22.50 Serves 6 1600g

Rich, smoky, boozy beef bourguignon with top rump steak, caramelised shallots, bacon, chestnut mushrooms and (a lot of) French Merlot. A classic dinner party dish that would take hours to prepare at home. Details >

Top 10 Bestseller Microwaveable Award Winners Dairy Free Meals Other Recipes Under 400 Calories
£4.99 Serves 1 290g
£8.99 Serves 2 580g
£17.95 Serves 4 1160g

Succulent leg of chicken cooked slowly in red wine with back bacon and mushrooms. Details >

£4.25 Serves 1 350g
£7.99 Serves 2 700g
£15.95 Serves 4 1400g

A lovely deep quiche made with egg and mascarpone cheese and packed with gammon, sundried tomatoes and onion. Details >

Award Winners
£18.00 10-12 buffet portions 1120g

Oven roasted cherry tomatoes blended with basil and red pesto topped with a mozzarella cream. Details >

£5.99 12 Canapes 80g

Meaty chicken drumsticks, braised for extra tenderness, with a sweet and spicy piri piri glaze. Details >

Gluten Free Chilli Level 1 Dairy Free Meals
£7.95 4 portion 590g

Chopped smoked salmon and dill served on top of a classic quiche mix in filo pastry. Details >

£7.00 12 Canapes 160g

A stunning roasted pepper and goat's cheese quiche. Delicious served hot or cold. Details >

Suitable Award Winners
£18.00 10-12 buffet portions 1250g

Handmade paté made with British chicken livers, balsamic vinegar and herbs. Beautifully smooth. Perfect as a starter or canapé. Details >

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Gluten Free
£5.00 220g

Chicken breast pieces, ham and buttery leeks in a creamy parsley sauce enclosed in all butter shortcrust pastry. Details >

£19.99 Serves 6 1500g

Caramelised onions in short crust pasty, garnished with Gruyere cheese and thyme. A classic, comforting french onion tart that's rich and flavoursome. The onions are cooked for half an hour with butter, salt, sugar and stock so they are soft and sweet Details >

£10.00 Serves 4 740g

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